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landscape::tests::test_accumulate::AccumulateTest Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Test for the accumulate function that implements accumulation logic.

Definition at line 6 of file test_accumulate.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addCleanup
def assertDeferredSucceeded
def assertMessage
def assertMessages
def failIfApproximates
def failIfEndsWith
def failIfIn
def failIfIs
def failIfStartsWith
def failUnlessApproximates
def failUnlessEndsWith
def failUnlessIn
def failUnlessIs
def failUnlessMethodsMatch
def failUnlessStartsWith
def make_dir
def make_path
def makeDir
def makeFile
def setUp
def tearDown
def test_accumulate
def test_accumulate_non_zero_accumulated_value
def test_accumulate_skipped_step
def test_accumulate_with_first_value_on_step_boundary
def test_accumulate_within_step
def test_accumulate_within_step_with_nonzero_start_accumulated_value

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 assertApproximates = failUnlessApproximates
 assertEndsWith = failUnlessEndsWith
 assertFalse = unittest.TestCase.failIf
 assertIdentical = assertIs
 assertIn = failUnlessIn
 assertIs = failUnlessIs
 assertIsNot = failIfIs
 assertMethodsMatch = failUnlessMethodsMatch
 assertNotApproximates = failIfApproximates
 assertNotEndsWith = failIfEndsWith
 assertNotIdentical = assertIsNot
 assertNotIn = failIfIn
 assertNotStartsWith = failIfStartsWith
 assertStartsWith = failUnlessStartsWith
 assertTrue = unittest.TestCase.failUnless
 expect = expect
 failIfIdentical = failIfIs
 failUnlessIdentical = failUnlessIs
list helpers = []

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