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from smart.transaction import Transaction, PolicyInstall, PolicyUpgrade, Failed
from smart.const import INSTALL, REMOVE, UPGRADE

import smart

from landscape.package.skeleton import build_skeleton

00009 class TransactionError(Exception):
    """Raised when the transaction fails to run."""

00012 class DependencyError(Exception):
    """Raised when a needed dependency wasn't explicitly marked."""

    def __init__(self, packages):
        self.packages = packages

    def __str__(self):
        return ("Missing dependencies: %s" %
                ", ".join([str(package) for package in self.packages]))

00022 class SmartError(Exception):
    """Raised when Smart fails in an undefined way."""

00026 class SmartFacade(object):
    """Wrapper for tasks using Smart.

    This object wraps Smart features, in a way that makes using and testing
    these features slightly more comfortable.

    _deb_package_type = None

    def __init__(self, smart_init_kwargs={}):
        self._smart_init_kwargs = smart_init_kwargs.copy()
        self._smart_init_kwargs.setdefault("interface", "landscape")

    def _reset(self):
        # This attribute is initialized lazily in the _get_ctrl() method.
        self._ctrl = None

        self._pkg2hash = {}
        self._hash2pkg = {}

        self._marks = {}

00049     def deinit(self):
        """Deinitialize the Facade and the Smart library."""
        if self._ctrl:

    def _get_ctrl(self):
        if self._ctrl is None:
            if self._smart_init_kwargs.get("interface") == "landscape":
                from landscape.package.interface import (
            self._ctrl = smart.init(**self._smart_init_kwargs)
            smart.sysconf.set("pm-iface-output", True, soft=True)
            smart.sysconf.set("deb-non-interactive", True, soft=True)

            # We can't import it before hand because reaching .deb.* depends
            # on initialization (yeah, sucky).
            from smart.backends.deb.base import DebPackage
            self._deb_package_type = DebPackage

        return self._ctrl

00073     def smart_initialized(self):
        """Hook called when the Smart library is initialized."""

00076     def reload_channels(self):
        """Reload Smart channels, getting all the cache (packages) in memory.
        ctrl = self._get_ctrl()


        for pkg in self.get_packages():
            hash = self.get_package_skeleton(pkg, False).get_hash()
            self._hash2pkg[hash] = pkg
            self._pkg2hash[pkg] = hash


00092     def channels_reloaded(self):
        """Hook called after Smart channels are reloaded."""

00095     def get_package_skeleton(self, pkg, with_info=True):
        """Return a skeleton for the provided package.

        The skeleton represents the basic structure of the package.

        @param pkg: Package to build skeleton from.
        @param with_info: If True, the skeleton will include information
            useful for sending data to the server.  Such information isn't
            necessary if the skeleton will be used to build a hash.
        return build_skeleton(pkg, with_info)

00107     def get_package_hash(self, pkg):
        """Return a hash from the given package."""
        return self._pkg2hash.get(pkg)

    def get_packages(self):
        return [pkg for pkg in self._get_ctrl().getCache().getPackages()
                if isinstance(pkg, self._deb_package_type)]

00115     def get_packages_by_name(self, name):
        """Return a list with all known (available) packages."""
        return [pkg for pkg in self._get_ctrl().getCache().getPackages(name)
                if isinstance(pkg, self._deb_package_type)]

    def get_package_by_hash(self, hash):
        return self._hash2pkg.get(hash)

    def mark_install(self, pkg):
        self._marks[pkg] = INSTALL

    def mark_remove(self, pkg):
        self._marks[pkg] = REMOVE

    def mark_upgrade(self, pkg):
        self._marks[pkg] = UPGRADE

    def reset_marks(self):

    def perform_changes(self):
        ctrl = self._get_ctrl()
        cache = ctrl.getCache()

        transaction = Transaction(cache)

        policy = PolicyInstall

        for pkg, oper in self._marks.items():
            if oper == UPGRADE:
                policy = PolicyUpgrade
            transaction.enqueue(pkg, oper)


        except Failed, e:
            raise TransactionError(e.args[0])
        changeset = transaction.getChangeSet()

        if not changeset:
            return None # Nothing to do.

        missing = []
        for pkg, op in changeset.items():
            if self._marks.get(pkg) != op:
        if missing:
            raise DependencyError(missing)


        output = smart.iface.get_output_for_landscape()
        failed = smart.iface.has_failed_for_landscape()


        if failed:
            raise SmartError(output)
        return output

    def reload_cache(self):
        cache = self._get_ctrl().getCache()

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