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00001 """
Implementation of a lightweight exchange-triggering mechanism via
small HTTP requests asking if we should do a full exchange.

import urllib
from logging import info, debug

from twisted.python.failure import Failure
from twisted.internet import defer

from landscape.lib.bpickle import loads
from landscape.lib.fetch import fetch
from landscape.lib.log import log_failure

00017 class PingClient(object):
    """An HTTP client which asks: Are there messages for computer X?

00021     def __init__(self, reactor, url, identity, get_page=None):
        @param url: The URL to ask the question to.
        @type identity: L{landscape.broker.registration.Identity}
        @param identity: This client's identity.
        if get_page is None:
            get_page = fetch
        self._reactor = reactor
        self._identity = identity
        self.get_page = get_page
        self.url = url

00035     def ping(self):
        """Ask the question.

        Hits the URL previously specified with the insecure_id gotten
        from the identity.

        @return: A deferred resulting in True if there are messages
            and False otherwise.
        insecure_id = self._identity.insecure_id
        if insecure_id is not None:
            headers = {"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"}
            data = urllib.urlencode({"insecure_id": insecure_id})
            page_deferred = defer.Deferred()
            def errback(type, value, tb):
                page_deferred.errback(Failure(value, type, tb))
            self._reactor.call_in_thread(page_deferred.callback, errback,
                                         self.get_page, self.url, post=True,
                                         data=data, headers=headers)
            return page_deferred
        return defer.succeed(False)

00059     def _got_result(self, webtext):
        Given a response that came from a ping server, return True if
        the response indicates that their are messages waiting for
        this computer, False otherwise.
        if loads(webtext) == {"messages": True}:
            return True

00069 class Pinger(object):
    A plugin which pings the Landscape server with HTTP requests to
    see if a full exchange should be initiated.

00075     def __init__(self, reactor, url, identity, exchanger,
                 interval=30, ping_client_factory=PingClient):
        @param reactor: The reactor to schedule calls with
        @param url: The URL to ping
        @param interval: How often to send the pings
        @param exchanger: The L{landscape.broker.exchange.MessageExchange} to
            trigger exchanges with.
        self._url = url
        self._interval = interval
        self._identity = identity
        self._reactor = reactor
        self._exchanger = exchanger
        self._call_id = None
        self.ping_client_factory = ping_client_factory
        reactor.call_on("message", self._handle_set_intervals)

    def get_interval(self):
        return self._interval

00096     def start(self):
        """Start pinging."""
        self._ping_client = self.ping_client_factory(self._reactor, self._url,
        self._call_id = self._reactor.call_every(self._interval, self.ping)

00102     def ping(self):
        """Perform a ping; if there are messages, fire an exchange."""
        ping_deferred = self._ping_client.ping()

    def _got_result(self, exchange):
        if exchange:
            info("Ping indicates message available. "
                 "Scheduling an urgent exchange.")

    def _got_error(self, failure):
                    "Error contacting ping server at %s" % (self._url,))

    def _handle_set_intervals(self, message):
        if message["type"] == "set-intervals" and "ping" in message:
            self._interval = message["ping"]
            info("Ping interval set to %d seconds." % self._interval)
        if self._call_id is not None:
            self._call_id = self._reactor.call_every(self._interval, self.ping)

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