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import logging
import socket

from twisted.internet.defer import Deferred

00007 class InvalidCredentialsError(Exception):
    Raised when an invalid account title and/or registration password
    is used with L{RegistrationManager.register}.

def persist_property(name):
    def get(self):
        return self._persist.get(name)
    def set(self, value):
        self._persist.set(name, value)
    return property(get, set)

def config_property(name):
    def get(self):
        return getattr(self._config, name)
    return property(get)

00027 class Identity(object):
    """Maintains details about the identity of this Landscape client."""

    secure_id = persist_property("secure-id")
    insecure_id = persist_property("insecure-id")
    computer_title = config_property("computer_title")
    account_name = config_property("account_name")
    registration_password = config_property("registration_password")

    def __init__(self, config, persist):
        self._config = config
        self._persist = persist.root_at("registration")

00041 class RegistrationHandler(object):
    An object from which registration can be requested of the server,
    and which will handle forced ID changes from the server.

    L{register} should be used to initial registration.

    def __init__(self, identity, reactor, exchange, message_store):
        self._identity = identity
        self._reactor = reactor
        self._exchange = exchange
        self._message_store = message_store
        self._reactor.call_on("pre-exchange", self._handle_pre_exchange)
        self._reactor.call_on("exchange-done", self._handle_exchange_done)
        self._reactor.call_on("message", self._handle_message)
        self._should_register = None

    def should_register(self):
        id = self._identity
        return bool(not id.secure_id and id.computer_title and id.account_name
                    and self._message_store.accepts("register"))

00064     def register(self):
        """Attempt to register with the Landscape server.

        @return: A L{Deferred} which will either be fired with None if
            registration was successful or will fail with an
            L{InvalidCredentialsError} if not.
        self._identity.secure_id = None
        self._identity.insecure_id = None
        # This was the original code, it works as well but it
        # takes longer due to the urgent exchange interval.
        result = RegistrationResponse(self._reactor).deferred
        return result

    def _handle_message(self, message):
        message_type = message["type"]
        if message_type == "set-id":
        elif message_type == "unknown-id":
        elif message_type == "registration":

    def _handle_exchange_done(self):
        if self.should_register() and not self._should_register:
            # This was the original code, it works as well but it
            # takes longer due to the urgent exchange interval.

00096     def _handle_pre_exchange(self):
        An exchange is about to happen.  If we don't have a secure id
        already set, and we have the needed information available,
        queue a registration message with the server.

        # The point of storing this flag is that if we should *not*
        # register now, and then after the exchange we *should*, we
        # schedule an urgent exchange again.  Without this flag we
        # would just spin trying to connect to the server when
        # something is clearly preventing the registration.
        self._should_register = self.should_register()

        if self._should_register:
            id = self._identity

            with_word = ["without", "with"][bool(id.registration_password)]
            logging.info("Queueing message to register with account %r %s "
                         "a password." % (id.account_name, with_word))


            message = {"type": "register",
                       "computer_title": id.computer_title,
                       "account_name": id.account_name,
                       "registration_password": id.registration_password,
                       "hostname": socket.gethostname()}


00127     def _handle_set_id(self, message):
        Record and start using the secure and insecure IDs from the given
        id = self._identity
        id.secure_id = message.get("id")
        id.insecure_id = message.get("insecure-id")
        logging.info("Using new secure-id ending with %s for account %s.",
                     id.secure_id[-10:], id.account_name)
        logging.debug("Using new secure-id: %s", id.secure_id)

    def _handle_registration(self, message):
        if message["info"] == "unknown-account":

    def _handle_unknown_id(self, message):
        id = self._identity
        logging.info("Client has unknown secure-id for account %s."
                     % id.account_name)
        id.secure_id = None
        id.insecure_id = None

00153 class RegistrationResponse(object):
    """A helper for dealing with the response of a single registration request.

    @ivar deferred: The L{Deferred} that will be fired as per

    def __init__(self, reactor):
        self._reactor = reactor
        self._done_id = reactor.call_on("registration-done", self._done)
        self._failed_id = reactor.call_on("registration-failed", self._failed)
        self.deferred = Deferred()

    def _cancel_calls(self):

    def _done(self):

    def _failed(self):

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